Kontiki Webcaster

Live Broadcasts

Broadcast live executive events, seminars, and meetings to tens of thousands of employees.

Low Cost

Kontiki Webcaster offers unlimited self-service events for one low cost.

Intuitive Interface

Our intuitive webcasting interface turns ordinary users into producers.

This is Webcaster

Uniquely Powerful

Engage Users

Allow participants to ask questions and give feedback throughout the online event.


Kontiki Webcaster is easy to use and can accommodate thousands of employees simultaneously for one live online event.


Define which employees can view your event.

Mobile Ready

Your audience can watch live events on their mobile device anywhere.

Video on Demand

Record all events and archive them for future viewing. Archive viewers can also answer polls and provide feedback.

Low Cost

Kontiki Webcaster is the most conveniently priced cloud-based platform, with no hidden fees.

Engage your global workforce.

Talk to an Expert



Get to know your audience using on-the-fly multiple choice or open-ended polls. Publish results immediately to engage your audience, or access them privately after your webcasting event.



Open a dialogue with your audience and let them submit questions at any time. Questions can be sent to the presenter and technical teams.


Audience Insights

With robust analytics you can see who’s on the webcast, what questions they asked and when they dropped off.