End-to-End Security

Proven Security

Securing your content is Kontiki’s number one priority. And, since Kontiki’s delivery architecture is based on a distributed delivery model, the core of the platform has a built-in end-to-end security framework ensuring:

  • Content is virus scanned, protected and encrypted during the upload process.
  • Only authorized users can publish content into the system.
  • Only authorized users can request and receive content, regardless of whether the video is served to them by dedicated servers or other computers.
  • Video streams cannot be ‘sniffed’ or ‘stolen’ while traversing the network.
  • No malicious users or computers with viruses can alter the content and propagate it to others.
  • Only content that is published to central servers can be distributed between computers.
  • Content cached on any computer or server is stored in encrypted form.

Kontiki delivers:

  • Secure Central Publishing: Only content that is published to the central system by an authorized publisher is delivered by Kontiki. To publish video for distribution, a publisher must authenticate by logging into to a central server. Once authenticated, the publisher can upload a video either by transferring it via SSL or having our central server(s) receive a live video stream from a live video source such as an encoder. Videos published through Kontiki are virus checked and encrypted for storage.
  • Federated Services and Access Control: Kontiki provides federated services support via SAML 2.0 integration. Authentication and access control is provided via integration with a corporate user directory such as Active Directory (or any LDAP compliant directory system). This security overlay allows administrators to govern privileges throughout the supported workflows ranging from specifying which groups of users can upload video, approve or reject published videos, police metadata, moderate comments, brand the end user experience, promote content on key pages, syndicate to existing intranet sites, create channels or assign content to channels, and more.
  • Point-to-Point Encryption: Kontiki video delivery, whether server-to-client or client-to-client, is secured using the Kontiki Delivery Protocol (KDP) via SSL over HTTP. KDP is based on industry standards for signatures and encryption. Videos are encrypted as they are uploaded and remain encrypted on the central content servers and on the computer. They are only dynamically decrypted during streaming. This level of security helps ensure that a user won’t redistribute sensitive information and that the content will remain protected even after it is delivered to the desktop.
  • Guaranteed Content Integrity: Kontiki’s ECDN generates a SHA-1 digest for every 1MB of a video file published at the bit level. This digest then becomes part of the content metadata. Every time the content is delivered, the streamed SHA-1 digest is compared against the original SHA-1 digest that is part of the metadata. If any block fails a check, the client will not source any more data from that server and will delete the bad blocks. Through this method, the system can guarantee a bit-perfect copy of every video stream received by every user.
  • On Disk Encryption: Videos are encrypted as they are uploaded to Kontiki and reside in encrypted form on the central content servers. Content also remains encrypted as it resides on the computer and is decrypted on the fly only when the media player is streaming the video. This level of security helps ensure that a user can’t redistribute sensitive information and that the content will remain protected even after it is delivered to the desktop.

Kontiki is the Most Trusted Enterprise Video Solution.

With nearly 1.5 million enterprise users, in over 170 countries, Kontiki’s patented Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) is trusted and proven to help our customers deliver high-quality enterprise video more cost effectively than hardware-based methods. Kontiki’s customers include some of the largest companies in the financial services, retail, technology, telecommunications and manufacturing market sectors such as Wells Fargo Bank, United Technologies, ABN AMRO, Starwood, PNC Bank, Ally Financial, GM, Coca Cola, Qwest, Textron, Charles Schwab, Ernst & Young, and Sephora.

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