May 31, 2012


YouTube approach to content sharing coming to the enterprise

For the past year or two, the talk about videoconferencing as an ideal enterprise tool has been extremely prominent. However, there is more to enterprise video than two-way communication suites. Businesses are increasingly turning to video for internal content delivery, following a model that essentially creates an internal version of YouTube that employees can use to access content that helps them do their jobs better, TechTarget recently reported.

Robert Arnold, program manager of unified communications and collaboration for Frost & Sullivan, told the news source that video has emerged as one of the primary ways that people consume information. As a result, it makes sense that more businesses are turning to video streaming and similar content types to encourage better content delivery internally.

Irwin Lazar, vice president and service director for Nemertes Research, echoed this sentiment, telling TechTarget that most people are visual learners, making video a more natural channel for content delivery in the workplace.

“The strong interest in recording/streaming solutions is growing as companies increase access to video conferencing platforms. Once [a user] has a webcam, they often look for ways to use it to share information,” Lazar told the news source.

As business video streaming becomes more prominent and more businesses take a YouTube-like approach to using video in the enterprise, organizations need to ensure that they have equipped their network systems with the bandwidth and content delivery solutions necessary to handle the content. Video data packets are far different than typical enterprise data packets and require specialty tools to support consistent transmission. However, the right upgrades can enable successful investment in enterprise video platforms, helping to engage employees and improve operations.