December 22, 2014


Workplace video options growing as market emerges

Just as technologies of all kinds have rapidly evolved in the past few decades, so too has the concept of an optimal workplace. Employers have gained a much stronger understanding of employee engagement and, in turn, have gradually implemented a variety of tactics to boost in-office enjoyment and teamwork.

Cloud computing, with its ability to share and back up documents, videos and other key business tools, is an inherently collaborative technology. Social networking, once unquestionably taboo at work, is now encouraged by a number of prominent business leaders for its ability to engage staff members with both fun and work-related material. So long as the use of social media at work doesn’t get out of hand, employers believe that the time used is a worthy tradeoff. Meanwhile, employees are messaging other employees and clients in new ways. Sometimes this is through social media. Often times the communication involves video. And as digital workplaces continue to proliferate, the use of video will also keep growing.

Facebook wants to become more office-friendly
The social media king is developing a new social media network for offices that will be called “Facebook at Work” in an effort to compete with more workplace-friendly linchpins such as LinkedIn, Google and Microsoft, according to CIO.

“Facebook certainly has a familiar user experience that people love, and could blur the lines between employees and customers in a compelling way,” wrote Rob Koplowitz, vice president and principal analyst with the research firm Forrester, according to the news source. “They have the ability to drive enterprises toward new levels of customer activation. It’s not clear how far they would want [to] go with an offering like this. To fully compete in the enterprise requires deep and complex capabilities that aren’t required in a consumer offering. It can also be a tough, low margin business where cost of sales can be high.”

While this kind of maturation attempt by Facebook may take some time for workers to fully adopt, the business potential could be significant. Workplace messaging through text and video would have yet another familiar hub where it could blossom.

Global enterprise video on the rise
The market for enterprise video is projected to grow from $4.4 billion in 2014 to $13.6 billion by 2019, according to MicroMarket Monitor.

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The video market in Asia has especially high growth potential through media, entertainment, government, education, IT and telecommunications. This burgeoning market is further encouraging workplace efficiencies and engagement as well as the BYOD trend.