September 18, 2013


With many people streaming video, companies explore business video streaming.

The world is becoming comfortably attuned to video content. YouTube is the second most popular searched site, right behind Google. The rise in popularity of streaming content is evident due to the ever-increasing numbers of subscribers to providers like Netflix and Hulu. A recent study by GFK found that 51 percent of Americans are watching streaming video each week.

Taking note of the country’s interest in streaming video, businesses are looking for ways to use the medium as a method to reach their employees. Upstart Business Journal recently published a story on ways companies can use videos to engage their team.

Business video streaming: an alternative to web conferencing
Because businesses with many clients can’t always find time to schedule web-conferences, let alone actual in-person meetings, many companies have filmed their own short recordings, running through specific concepts and key ideas, allowing their clients to watch when it is convenient for them. Using an enterprise content delivery network, many businesses can stream content like this to their own employees as well, keeping them up to date and allowing them access from mobile devices. Another benefit of enterprise video is that it allows viewers the option of repeat viewings, to brush up.

“Video tutorials are a great way to provide value to your existing clients,” Ariane Fisher, co-founder of Storymix Media, told the source. “At Storymix, we use video tutorials to help clients get creative with our product and use it in ways they hadn’t considered.”

Video for business tutorial 
In the business world, because many employees work remotely, companies often use streaming video as a way to train new employees. Short, to-the-point content is delivered in a timely fashion to people who work from home. Additionally, businesses are using streaming video to train employees on-site, which allows people to learn at their own pace, review concepts and optimally fit it into their own schedule.

Companies specialize in enhancing the video content delivery of other businesses. Kontiki, for instance, uses a cloud-based approach to help employers stream high quality content through internal networks. Companies like this are working toward providing the means for businesses to be able to use video feasibly, and the rise in popularity of streaming video indicates that it would befit any growing company to explore the world of enterprise video.