December 31, 2014


Wide range of sectors take advantage of video training

Video is becoming a more consistent factor in the daily workday through a number of a different mediums. Standard emails that formerly included nothing but text now often use video components. Internal social networks, another increasingly popular aspect of the global business world, also regularly serve as hubs for video content. Live webcasts of company-related events allow a range of employees from geographically diverse locations to track the same program at the same time.

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Meanwhile, video training has also become one of the core variables of the contemporary digital workplace. Human resource managers and business executives have long sought a more immersive and effective way to develop and connect with new hires. A basic slideshow presentation is often useful, but it can also lead to monotony. The same goes for a discussion over company policy and standards, for example. Video training serves as a nice compromise between an employer and an employee. The company can get its message across while the worker can have a more enjoyable experience while learning about the gist of the company.

Minnesota schools establish video training program for manufacturing
A group of colleges in Minnesota have created a video guidance program that aims to link businesses with young people and the unemployed, according to the Burnett County Sentinel. The service also vies to educate veterans and dislocated workers so they can find a steady, high-paying job in the manufacturing sector.

“The hybrid courses provide students with the best of both worlds: the ability to connect live with their instructor via the video guidance technology, along with the convenience of an online course,” Rebekah Kent, director of strategic grant initiatives at Central Lakes College in Minnesota, told the news source. “One of the reasons for the program’s success is that students do not have to leave their place of work to participate in these skill development courses.”

Church in Washington state uses video training series
The Soma Tacoma church in Tacoma, Washington, has launched a video series that intends to teach leadership qualities to both clerics and other Christians, according to Christian Today. The videos focus on topics such as missionary work and modern purposes of church gatherings. While the program is undoubtedly rooted in a moral cause, there is also an aspect of organizational development.

“We’ve already heard reports that large churches and small families alike are using this resource to become more equipped in disciple-making,” said a Soma representative.