August 20, 2014


What video for business offers for enterprise growth and sustainability

The need for more integrated, connected services is driving corporations to continuously adopt new options for increasing the effectiveness of their outreach options. That’s a great strategy for businesses that just want to hit as many engagement points as possible, but it provides no strategy for gathering feedback, learning about consumers or creating useful intelligence for next steps.

Enterprise video solutions offer unified communications channels that allow for better oversight and management of these kinds of multi-platform and network data points. In a market landscape where business intelligence is king, it’s necessary to utilize corporate systems that provide the best resources available for learning more about target audiences and ensuring a future for corporate deployments.

Crafting culture
One of the first things that enterprise video solutions can offer companies is the chance to consolidate all of the ideas about its operations into a single, consistent message. As InformationWeek stated, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all tool for all interaction among personnel, but instead taking the resources a firm already has and putting them into a better and more manageable platform increases usability and overall engagement.

In essence, the enterprise video presence in a corporation allows for leaders to summarize what they want their employees to know, how they should act, who they should target and where the firm is hoping workforce unity can take operations over time. The overall culture of a corporation takes on a consistent and tangible presence thanks to video communication. In that medium, workers at all points in the business process can interact with business knowledge, learn about new practices and grow with the organization.

Uniquely individual
Though much of enterprise video integration and unified communications may seem aimed at centralizing interactions, it actually helps increase diversity. Unlike older methods of engagement like email or memos, video for business adds a personal touch in the form of an on-screen expert. More than that, these recordings provide personnel the freedom, flexibility and individuality to interact with them when and where is most convenient for them.

InformationWeek wrote that video for business is a prime means of boosting collaboration and productivity because it gives team members all the information they require at any point in the project management life cycle. This generates more clarity of goals and motivation to meet objectives, as updates and insights are freely flowing at all times. What’s more, it’s easy to gain access to additional support and essential tutorials that increase the overall quality of output.

Genuinely engaging
Unified communications relies on concise and clear messages that are easy for people to utilize. Video for business offers this great opportunity with every recording, as the length of content can easily be engineered to provide short and engaging content for every imaginable topic.

The length of recordings plays a critical role in how willing people are to watch these messages, and in the enterprise environment, it’s particularly important that video communication drives toward a clear goal.

“[Employees] need something that is short and succinct and can be sent around to lots of people to tell them what’s going on. Often, we try to help them work on the message and how they want to tell it,” said video communication expert Matt Taylor to HCA Magazine. “Video works in that regard because it’s a way of turning a message into something quite simple that is easy to share on the intranet or through email. It also appeals to millennial audiences and younger folk.”

Easily accessible
The core of unified communications lies in its ease of access to all parties. By consolidating the best and most prescient points of corporate learning, management and cultural messages, it encourages people to freely and regularly interact with this content.

The end result is that there’s more refinement of previous protocols and more opportunities to foster new ideas. By making enterprise video solutions available to everyone, people can help ask more important questions that help target better outcomes in future planning.

Instead of trying to ballpark a guess at how to improve business operations, InformationWeek offered, companies can tap into the overall messages and insights generated from employees viewing consistent content. Asking important questions like what’s most needed, what’s currently lacking and where customers or employees require more attention is easy to determine when personnel have more access to concise corporate messages and insights about how systems operate.

Flexibly mutable
Sometimes companies change. The important thing for firms to internalize is the things this can mean for corporate presence, employees and overall operations. HCA Magazine explained that enterprise video solutions offer a means of easily spreading messages to everyone in the organization and providing valuable insights into what’s to become of a business.

By opening lines of interaction and fostering unified communications through enterprise video platforms in these ways, corporate leaders can encourage more engagement and overall growth.