August 19, 2014


What every company can gain from enterprise video solutions

Changing communication techniques can be scary for some companies, as personnel get set in their ways and prefer familiarity to engaging with different types of technology. However, as customers start to shift their habits and incoming potential hires expect more of corporations, it’s becoming clear that timely and effective enterprise video for business and other advanced IT options need to find a place in day-to-day activities.

Moving to modernity
Legacy engagement options have long incorporated tools like emails, newsletters and infographic data points. Before that there existed piles of fliers, mailers, memos and physical resources for transferring essential insights. While some corporations may choose to keep using these outlets, they’re becoming outdated and expensive compared to more modern solutions.

Video for business provides the way forward for many companies, combining written and visual data into a format that’s easy for all viewers to understand. It also cuts down on printing, postage, email servers and other expenses that have long weighed upon enterprise budgets.

On top of the return on investment companies can see in their bank accounts and long-term financial forecasts, moving to unified video communication provides a bevy of other benefits. Here are some of the top perks corporations can enjoy by making this transition:

– Creating clarity
While written content may help people get an idea of what’s being discussed, it’s much easier to remember the finer details and best selling points when someone is providing verbal guidance. Seeing and experiencing a product, service or corporate message ensures that viewers are much more likely to absorb and retain the right take-aways from a deployment.

As Business Review USA stated, video communication provides the clarification of critical points that written content or visual graphics can’t supply on their own. In a recorded message, someone is walking the viewer through the most important factors and explaining, showing and providing tutorial content that ensures every viewer is getting clear and concise communication.

 – Making connections
Engaging and retaining clients requires that businesses are consistently fostering a personal and emotional relationship between the themselves and the target audience. The same is true for personnel, who may not have contact otherwise with high-ranking corporate officers or work in remote office locations.

Psychology Today stated that people can easily pass emotions from one to another, so long as they’re able to make a meaningful connection. This is helpful when considering calls to action and incentives to buy, as people gain excitement, happiness and positivity from watching a video for business that hosts a speaker expressing these same qualities.

Making people happy is the best way to improve their engagement and increase interest in a business, be they working for the firm or considering spending money there. Enterprise video solutions allow companies to spread happiness and cheer about their products and services by visually linking positive speakers with these messages.

 – Building presence
Employees need support when they’re on the showroom floor, sitting at their desks or preparing for a conference call. They require access to training materials, information on new products and coaching for how to provide better pitches. All of these assets cost more money to maintain in physical form than they ever could in video communication format.

Imagine condensing every training manual, staff instructor and tutorial module ever created into targeted, easy-to-understand recorded messages. These video assets can be reused endlessly by employees of all kinds, creating a uniform and high level of comprehension throughout the corporation.

As Business Review USA added, access to enterprise video solutions like these increase the presence of corporate materials, ensuring that personnel are always learning and constantly keeping the company’s best interests in mind. That’s because they know exactly what their employers want and how best to accomplish those goals, all thanks to video communication.

 – Beating competitors
There’s a lot of content being created right now that will compete with corporate deployments tomorrow. This information rests atop the already gargantuan volume of enterprise emails, flyers, newsletters, infographics, advertisements and marketing deployments of every other company that’s ever used an Internet connection.

According to Officing Today, the future of unified communication lies in enterprise streaming media and engagement solutions. By the end of 2016, most companies will be using these tools to broadcast and share meetings, improve corporate clarity and generate more buzz about business.

By taking advantage of and perfecting video communication now, organizations can beat out the competition by generating more client and employee engagement. This will ensure a sustainable, loyal audience as time passes and more companies enter the fray. Even present audiences can be drawn away from other firms by generating consistent quality and entertainment through video for business. This allows for greater return on investment and better opportunities for corporate futures.