August 24, 2012


Webcasts offer tangible and intangible gains

There is a lot that organizations can gain by using enterprise video technologies in a variety of ways. In almost every sector, companies can use video for everything from training to internal communication. These efforts are already becoming clear in the healthcare sector. According to a recent HealthTechZone report, hospitals and other care organizations are increasingly using webcasts as a tool to improve operational efficiency, as well as cut costs and deliver intangible benefits.

To illustrate this, the news source pointed to a project enacted at the Boston Children’s Hospital. The organization is using video as a method to reach out to employees in a variety of ways, with a focus on employee education. Through webcasts, the hospital has established a program that allows physicians to keep up with cutting-edge treatments and procedures to keep them up to date on innovation in the sector. Webcasts are also used to educate customers on treatment types, engaging them in the care process and helping them become more comfortable in the hospital setting.

According to the report, CIOs, COOs and other executives within healthcare have begun to realize that they can use webcasting alongside decision support tools to drive operational improvements. This is achieved because the technology helps to eliminate the waste that can get in the way of making important strategic decisions. This makes meetings, whether they are in person using webcasts for information purposes or virtual using webcasts to showcase key content, more productive. As a result, hospitals can generate improvements from operational, fiscal and clinical areas.

While using decision support tools alongside webcasting depends heavily on taking advantage of the knowledge of experts within the staff, the news source said companies can also use webcasts to bring an expert in and more easily distribute important information throughout the staff.

Webcasting, at its core, is a technology that makes information distribution more engaging through video technology. As a result, organizations can use it to solve a variety of operational problems by finding more creative ways to help employees understand what they need to be doing differently. However, finding success with this methodology does, in some cases, depend on using supporting network systems. With the right strategic investment in video-specific networking tools, businesses in any sector, not just healthcare, can take full advantage of webcasting.