September 26, 2012


Webcasting’s value for marketing can be made internal

More companies are turning to webcasting technology in an effort to reach a growing number of consumers. This trend is evident in the recent efforts of Tesla Motors, which hosted a webcast to showcase its new Supercharger quick-charge station for electric vehicles. According to a recent Green Car Reports article, the webcast represents an interesting opportunity for individuals to get a sneak peak at the innovative product and gain a better understanding of what it offers.

These types of external marketing efforts built around webcasting technology offer businesses the opportunity to reach consumers through a much more immersive and meaningful means of communication. While this is excellent for external marketing efforts, it can also pay major dividends as part of an enterprise video program focused on employee engagement.

Deploying a new solution or enacting a new policy can be one of the more challenging issues a business has to face, as the introduction of any type of change can create tensions for employees who are already working to be as productive as they can. Because of this, organizations can struggle to develop innovative processes.

However, many workers do want to get the job done as well as possible. Because of this, businesses that are able to convince their employees that the new systems and policies will help them, not get in their way, can accelerate innovation. Using webcasting for the internal marketing of new policies and systems can enable managers to get their work teams behind operational shifts and enable rapid growth. This is made possible because webcasting provides a more meaningful method to explain the logic behind changes than email or other traditional internal communications tools.