October 8, 2012


Webcasting usage expanding

Webcasting has emerged as a popular part of enterprise video solution. It is also becoming a prominent technology for government organizations, particularly local governing bodies. As the technology has become prominent in these sectors, even smaller public and private entities are applying the technology to their operations. As webcasting is embraced across more sectors, businesses can learn from these usage models and develop better strategies for technological deployment.

Among small government organizations beginning to use webcasting, some school boards are considering the idea of deploying the technology to support their meetings. Recently, the East Penn School District in Pennsylvania discussed the idea at a meeting. According to a recent Morning Call report, the board declined the idea of using webcasting in the past, but is bringing it up for discussion again.

Businesses can learn a great deal from how government organizations use webcasting. In school boards and similar organizations, webcasting a meeting takes an important event and makes it more accessible. Such gatherings are open to the public, but not necessarily easy for everybody to attend. By webcasting the event, virtual attendees can be engaged through social tools. The video can be made available for viewing at a later date.

In the enterprise sector, this functionality can prove invaluable for business leaders having a difficult time connecting employees in meetings. Through webcasting, more workers can get involved in gatherings and the information showcased at the event can be taken in by a wide range of participants. This is especially true in companies with multiple branch offices, many remote workers, limited conference room space or other operational limitations that make it difficult to hold meetings at a large scale.