October 30, 2012


Webcasting showcases its ability to expand viewing

Webcasts of various events in the International Cycling Union (UCI) Mountain Bike World Cup contributed to an increased viewership for the tour season, Cycling News reported. This points to the increased accessibility enabled by webcasting and its positive influence on the number of people that view content.

According to the news source, approximately 1.4 million people viewed webcasted content, live and in replay versions, during 2012. This represents a significant increase over past years, when other forms of technology were used to bring video to the web. Furthermore, the current record of users does not take two races into account, meaning the final statistic will actually be much higher.

Furthermore, the report found that the use of webcasting did not lead to fewer users watching content live.

Events that are webcasted can be archived and viewed later. As a result, it is possible that the technology can lead to some people choosing not to attend events live, via video, and choose to just watch it later.

However, approximately two thirds of all viewers who watched UCI Mountain Bike World Cup races online did so live. This points to webcasting’s ability to make live viewing much more convenient for viewers.

Businesses can take advantage of these capabilities to improve attendance at their meetings as well. An enterprise video program that uses webcasting can prove to be a vital employee engagement tool because it makes it easier for workers in a variety of locations to get together in virtual meetings and participate in a meaningful way. Webcasting is, in many ways, more accessible than telecommunications, but provides similar levels of immersion and engagement, making it an ideal option for many companies.