October 12, 2012


Webcasting provides solid channel for collaboration

When businesses consider their internal collaboration strategies, their efforts often focus on the technologies and solutions that will be available to help workers communicate effectively. While technology is vital in effective collaboration programs, it is not the only factor contributing to the success of a program.

In order for collaboration to be effective, the various constituents in the plan have to know what they are talking about. Internal communication is heavily dependent on the knowledge of those participating. If the company wants to support discussions about various policies and procedures within an organization, it has to ensure that its workers are well informed about the issues and engaged in discussion. Having an effective enterprise video program that includes webcasting of meetings can be vital to this process.

A usage model for webcasting to support collaboration
Typically, government organizations are slow to adopt new technologies and businesses are ahead of the curve. However, small government organizations, such as city councils and school districts, have been rushing to adopt webcasting to foster communication within a community. Recently, Langley City British Columbia announced that it will replace aging cable broadcasting equipment with webcasting to expand the reach of its government meetings, the Langley Advance reported.

According to the news source, the city government had been using a cable system to broadcast meetings, but the provider was no longer willing to upgrade the aging equipment. This led the organization to turn to a webcasting solution, which will coincide with fewer cable broadcasts, to ensure that every council meeting is made available to the public in video form.

Peter Fassbender, Mayor of Langley City, told the news source that the webcasting solution should contribute to better communication with the community.

“We think that [webcasting is] going to provide more opportunity for public input,” Fassbender told the Langley Advance.

Webcasting in the enterprise
These types of webcasting projects show how the technology can benefit collaboration for businesses. Effective internal communication within a corporate community is not too different than a government working with local residents – knowledge has to be made available for collaboration to work. Webcasting provides a convenient, immersive, social and cost-effective way to distribute information within an organization, setting a solid foundation for effective internal collaboration.