September 20, 2012


Webcasting presents new opportunities for internal marketing

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Internal marketing is often overlooked in businesses because, for the most part, when the higher-ups in a company want workers to do something in a certain way, the average employee doesn’t have much of a choice. But if you want to truly engage your workforce, it is important to market the new decisions, strategic directions and policies that you develop so your workers don’t just understand that they need to follow it, but why the change actually matters. This is especially important in offices where employees tend to resist change just because it is change, regardless of how it will impact them.

Webcasting can provide organizations with a technological foundation for internal marketing, as it allows for a number of content distribution types that can enable better information distribution.

Town hall meetings
Town hall meetings are one of the primary internal marketing options that can be improved when organizations deploy webcasting as part of their enterprise video platform. When companies run town hall meetings, a complex schedule is often set up in which many employees end up not being able to make it to an event and end up calling in. This type of gathering is much less engaging because it turns it into an entirely spectator-focused event, not one with engagement and interaction. Webcasting allows the participants who are not actually attending a meeting to use chat functions and other social tools to still interact at the event, making it a more immersive experience.

Round table discussions and similar events
When companies come out with new products, they often host a seminar, round table discussion or similar event at a conference to showcase the new solution and explain the process that went into its development. When organizations develop new internal practices, policies or solutions, they can use a similar tactic to get their workfoce behind the innovative system. Instead of having to host a number of live meetings, hurting productivity, organizations can webcast a single discussion, seminar or briefing, allowing employees to watch it live or on demand through an archive depending on their schedule.

An effective webcasting solution can be used for a diverse range of internal marketing functions, enabling companies to engage their employees in a meaningful way and ensure that internal changes are communicated in a more effective manner.

– Rob