October 9, 2012


Webcasting offers social capabilities to maximize meetings

Getting the most out of meetings involves a combination of presenter capability, technological services and audience interest in the subject matter. When holding a town hall meeting, it is key to combine these three assets to optimize the event. Organizations should look at how politicians engage an audience to achieve this, a recent MarketingProfs report explained.

The report said that one of the best things political candidates will do is focus on individuals instead of broad groups of people. In a live event, they may do this by talking with a member of the audience or telling a personal story about a conversation they had with somebody.

This technique can also be applied to town hall meetings, as a speaker can better engage employees by speaking to them as individuals, not just a broad demographic within the company. But how does one accomplish this when working with a virtual meeting? The report explained that webcasting offers the technological capabilities to offer social functionality and enable individual interaction during the event.

According to the news source, this type of functionality can be achieved in a webcast by asking poll questions, having audio discussions with viewers or telling a story about an employee and discussing related issues with other workers attending the event.

Webcasting offers organizations the opportunity to get the greatest value out of their enterprise video program by enabling them to use social tools to take meetings to another level. This turns the technology into a strategic enabler, not just an employee engagement tool, because it helps individuals hold more effective gatherings, which can contribute to strategic and operational gains through better information distribution.