September 4, 2012


Webcasting offers companies an accessible video option

In many cases, an enterprise video program is primarily about getting important information and messaging out to employees. This is especially the case when organizations use webcasting, which is one of the primary tools available to support virtual meetings and similar functions.

However, making video accessible is not just about getting people to watch the video live and then archiving it for future reference; it is also about making the media format usable by handicapped personnel. At Lockheed Martin, company leaders were able to use webcasting equipped with multiple hearing impaired-friendly technologies to support its entire employee base, Streaming Media reported.

Speaking at the recent Streaming Media East conference, Thomas Aquilone, enterprise technology programs manager for Lockheed Martin, told audiences that the company’s initial efforts to support its hearing-impaired employees with its webcasting solution have been successful, but still need to be refined, the news source explained.

“Our challenge was reaching the hearing impaired, and we were not desperate because we weren’t mandated by the government to do this, but we were trying to come up with solutions,” said Aquilone, according to the report. “One thing we tried right away, because it was live with no delays, was to have live simultaneous American Sign Language webcasts.”

While the ASL webcasts certainly helped, Aquilone said that the costs of doing the webcasts doubled and the organization found that closed captioning was still necessary for a variety of reasons. As a result, the organization is still working to develop the strategy to make video even more accessible in the most efficient way possible, the news source explained.

As organizations consider expanding their webcasting functions to support a diverse base of employees, they have to evaluate how the measures will impact content delivery and make any necessary network upgrades to support accessibility within the video program.