November 12, 2012


Webcasting enables organizational unity

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Businesses face a major challenge when trying to get employees behind a common goal. Within this struggle, there are a few types of difficulties that you face when getting workers to support broad ideals. These issues include making sure employees hear the messaging behind corporate goals, convincing them of the importance of the strategy and helping them align their operations behind these tactics. An enterprise video webcasting solution can enable companies to achieve all of these goals.

Spreading the message
Communicating a goal to employees requires consistent messaging and effective delivery of those ideas. Accomplishing this presents major difficulties because most businesses do not have a good way to get all of their employees together for a single event. If you are working in a small company with just a few workers, all you have to do is walk out to the major work area and have a conversation with your employees. But what if you have too many workers to use that kind of messaging efficiently? You could hold a formal meeting, but that assumes that you have a meeting room capable of supporting your entire workforce. You can hold multiple meetings that eventually accommodate everyone, but that is a scheduling hassle and still may not get all employees involved.

This problem is further complicated when you are dealing with branch offices and remote workers. Webcasting can overcome these challenges by making video presentations engaging, social and accessible. As a result, strategies can be communicated clearly to many employees in the most concise manner.

Persuading employees to buy in
Getting your workers to accept new policies and move forward in light of them is an entirely different challenge. Broad company-wide messaging may be helpful in this area, but it is often better to have small-scale meetings led by executives and managers who can champion the ideas and get employees to embrace the strategy. This is another area where getting employees together in a convenient way is extremely challenging because you have to deal with conflicting schedules and potential limitations in terms of meeting locations. Webcasting makes it much easier for companies to streamline meeting organization.

However, just getting employees together to talk about strategic ideas is not enough. You have to be able to communicate with workers in an engaging and meaningful way. The unique functionality of webcasting, particularly in terms of social capabilities, makes the technology ideal in this area.

Aligning ideas with operational strategies
The next thing you have to do is find a way to get workers to adapt their operational strategies to broad corporate goals. Giving workers the ability to webcast their own work experiences can pay dividends in this area. For example, an individual who has an innovative idea to adjust to the new tactics can webcast activities that support the new company goals and distribute that video to colleagues. This enables organizations to easily distribute important details about enacting procedural improvements without having to deal with top-heavy policy measures.

Taking full advantage of webcasting
When organizations want to make ideological changes, they have to find an effective way to spread the new ideas. Webcasting offers an ideal platform for this because it gives companies the ability to immerse their employees in meetings whether they are there in person or watching on a computer screen. As a result, the video delivery technology plays a vital role in helping companies get the most out of their broad strategies.