September 7, 2012


Webcasting does more than bring staff together

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

One of the clearest benefits of webcasting is its ability to bring a variety of staff members together, regardless of geographical destination, to simultaneously view content and comment on the proceedings. While the gains offered by this capability are considerable, they are not, by any means, the only benefit of webcasting. Instead, it is important to realize that webcasting also provides a number of key capabilities that make it an ideal solution for information distribution.


Video is a much more immersive way to view content than other forms of information distribution. Holding a town hall meeting is more effective than sending an email because multiple senses are engaged when employees are at the meeting. However, having an entire workforce attend a meeting either in shifts or all at once is extremely challenging from an organizational perspective and can waste time.

There are two ways to solve this – conference calling or webcasting. While a conference call is effective, the listeners are still only engaged on an audio level. With webcasting, it is as if viewers are in the room. They are engaged visually, from audio and through interaction with others involved in the meeting. Because of this, webcasting provides an immersive option to deliver internal messages in corporate settings.

Webcasting is not one and done

Webcasting streams meetings and all comments made during it, then saves those in an on-demand video format to be viewed through an archive. This ensures that the message of the meeting is not a one-time thing, but instead can last and be viewed at a later date.

Webcasting includes comment functionality

While comments and questions are great from an employee engagement perspective, they also ensure that participants in the event get better information that clarifies what is being presented or even adds to the content. Because webcasting offers the ability to comment and ask questions during the event, it provides a much more robust information sharing platform that goes beyond simply recording the core message.

There are plenty of reasons to turn to webcasting for video distribution in the enterprise. Because of this, it can be easy to get excited about all of the technology’s secondary benefits and forget the primary gain offered by enterprise video webcasting – the ability to more effectively distribute information.