November 28, 2012


Webcasting connecting families, showing its potential in enterprise settings

When many people think of families, they think of individual households. In most cases, we all assume those households are also close to some extended family members that are spread throughout a geographic region. However, it is easy to forget that in a world where travel is easy, families are increasingly spread around the entire globe.

Similarly, the enterprise has gone global. Connecting workers who are spread over branch and global offices can be extremely difficult for businesses.

In this way, businesses and families face a similar problem – they want to enable meaningful interaction between people spread around the world. As a result, organizations can learn from some of the ways that families stay connected. For guidance, companies can look to the funeral home industry.

According to a recent report from the Sun Sentinel, a significant number of funeral homes in southern Florida are turning to webcasting as a way to include more family members in the mourning process. Initially, this may seem a little inappropriate, but the reality is that it gives family members that cannot travel a unique opportunity to connect with loved ones and mourn the deceased.

In businesses, providing meaningful connections is the focus of webcasting. When webcasting is considered as part of an enterprise video program, organizations can develop more effective meetings and other types of employee gatherings. This is increasingly vital in a global economy, making video a strategic communications enabler for many companies.

While enterprise organizations may not normally look to learn from funeral homes, the way that many funeral directors are using webcasting to connect family members provides a clear vision of the technology’s potential.