November 16, 2012


Web trends showcase video’s growing role

Enterprise video and consumer video trends often intersect. The reality is that people like watching video to take in information, regardless of whether they are doing it for work or pleasure. As a result, video consumption is rising heavily, particularly on the web. This is especially clear in terms of how people access their news, Forbes reported.

According to the news source, a number of online news providers use video as a primary method of reaching consumers. In many cases, these organizations that began as web aggregators for news from a variety of sources have become pioneers in video distribution. This trend echoes the findings of various studies that show video emerging as a dominant form of communication and information distribution.

Citing a recent Forrester study, Forbes explained that video use represents more than half of all web usage, with that figure set to climb to more than two-thirds by 2015. This is leading to a major revenue increase for video. While this revenue is not close to what cable and television operators take in, these markets have reached their peak and are slowly losing market share to online video solutions, which are rising at an extremely rapid pace.

Businesses have to be aware of these trends if they want to understand their employees better. Knowing how workers are accessing information when they have the ability to choose how they get it enables companies to strategically develop meeting, engagement and communications strategies that align with employee interests and have an optimal impact on operations. With so many trends pointing toward video’s popularity, businesses that take advantage of video in the workplace can gain a major strategic advantage over the competition.