May 14, 2013


Video webcasting for employee training growing in popularity

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Businesses always need faster, more effective ways to train their employees, and video webcasting is becoming an increasingly popular way to meet this need. While companies can invest significantly in outside training firms and other resources, an internal video content delivery network will speed up employee training and provide several other benefits as well. From improving communications to streamlining workflow, a high-quality enterprise webcasting solution drives innovation across all areas of operations without slowing down employees with a learning curve.

Video is a concept that all professionals understand. While utilizing the cloud or other new technologies to reach training materials may be confusing or difficult for some, watching a video is easy. Additionally, many firms find that utilizing video for training both new hires and older employees in new tasks has a higher success rate than other solutions. A recent study found that firms that use video webcasting for training purposes saw several benefits, such as easier access to materials and improved availability of those materials from anywhere.

According to the study, 48 percent of companies say that training occurs too infrequently, while 25 percent noted that their materials are outdated. A corporate webcasting solution will help firms keep their training materials current and updated to the latest needs of their workforce. These efforts will ensure employees are always trained in the latest tools and technologies used in the workplace, and teach employees how to think in new ways as well.

By providing flexible, effective training solutions to employees, firms foster innovative thinking and encourage workers to be more flexible themselves. Ultimately, these benefits will culminate in a more efficient workplace, and close the gap between new technologies, and those employees are unfamiliar with, ensuring that all professionals are able to adapt to the changes the firm is implementing.

The survey found that many companies see significant value in accessing training content online, and any business will be able to accomplish those benefits by investing in a high-quality enterprise video platform that provides content quickly and with minimal latency, and the supporting tools that professionals need to maximize the value the derive from those videos and the variety of uses they can be put to. From more interesting content to flawless delivery, investing in webcasting and the solutions necessary to support it will give businesses a new way to improve operations and provide information to their employees in an engaging way.