February 27, 2013


Video viewing doubles on mobile devices

2012 was a major year for enterprise video and the mobile industry. According to a recent study by Ooyala, tablet and smartphone video viewing doubled during the last year, and desktop views of live webcasting were 18 times longer than video-on-demand content.

Ooyala’s Global Video Index focuses on global consumer online video trends, but allows businesses to analyze viewing habits and adapt them for their enterprise video platform needs. With views via mobile devices doubling, and twice as much video being watched on iPhones – the most popular BYOD device, over Android – companies can easily see how these trends affect their own internal video content delivery needs.

“Streaming video has crossed an inflection point and it’s now a necessary channel for both consumers as well as broadcasters, brands and media companies around the world,” said Jay Fulcher, CEO of Ooyala.

Key considerations for these trends include the growing demand for mobile support, as well as the need to integrate BYOD with video solutions. With consumers looking to view content across multiple devices, businesses need to ensure that they have the network infrastructure in place to support both mobile and desktop streaming. Kontiki’s dedicated enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) solutions will provide the platform needed to provide high-quality video to employees in and out of the office.

With a dedicated ECDN in place, a business won’t have to worry about providing secure access to video with adequate bandwidth, allowing it to focus on enhancing the quality of video production and the content produced. Ultimately this will increase the overall effectiveness of video solutions, and allow a business to reap the rewards of dedicated video content delivery.