May 20, 2013


Video tools need personal touches to make better impact

It’s easy to put together a basic video communication presentation to improve corporate culture, spread important updates or advise personnel of new requirements. These messages often become proliferate throughout the organization and sometimes are even launched in a way that allows for the general public to see them. Such options promote more comprehension and superior understanding of the values and goals a company stands for. However, using models or paid spokespeople can take away from these values. Using existing employees and internal experts is the best way to encourage positive responses for business videos.

Honesty as a policy
According to Resource Nation, the best option for making a user-friendly video that’s more likely to engage viewers is to feature actual personnel. Presenting potential clients with real employees shows that a firm is honest and hires well-spoken, informed individuals. This can make customers more likely to enter business partnerships with an organization. Having interviews with important people in the company or showing how the company works behind the scenes lets clients know that a company is honest and upfront about how its operations flow.

What’s more, offering video communication to personnel that features other members of staff can boost engagement and acceptance of these recordings. Seeing executives, administrators and other staff at the same level as the viewer makes them feel more connected to these individuals, and therefore more a part of the business. These resources create better connections between staff members who likely would not be able to interact with one another on a regular basis, granting more insight into various operations that employees might be curious about as well. It also shows employees that business leaders care about what lower level workers think and value their individual capabilities, making certain people the face of new products, services and deployments in general.

Expert advice and insight
Video messages created by personnel also are ideal for assisting with new internal product launches or spreading corporate messages. Using personnel who helped make an application or were instrumental in building recent changes to guidelines are the best resources for providing information about how these assets work or impact people throughout the organization. Instead of just having these workers read from scripts, this allows businesses to integrate examples of how new products or services function. In the hands of those responsible to their launch, video communication of this kind helps show best use of all these resources.

What’s more, by providing demonstrations within a video message, companies can show off all the vital aspects of a new resource. This can have a positive impact on internal implementation as well as customer-facing interactions. Knowing all the specs of a product makes it simpler for sales professionals to pitch to potential clients. Understanding security guidelines will facilitate best practices for observing continuity and compliance within every department. Providing a step-by-step tutorial on HR applications will streamline payroll and tax reporting for many organizations. Each of these videos bears a different message, but they all serve to enhance congruity within the business, thereby making for a more harmonious workplace.

Providing expert insight on how new assets work reduces miscommunication and ensures the most seamless deployment of products, services, tools and goals throughout a business. As Online Video stated, providing a demonstration in video format from a person within the organization who best understands the resources being displayed will provide a comprehensive and unified impression for employees to follow. As the source wrote, companies can use enterprise video to enhance sharing and collaboration, as well as improving overall communication throughout the entire business and sharing this enhanced service capability with clients too.