February 6, 2012


Video to play major role in healthcare’s future

Health Evolution Partners recently announced its plans to add Verizon to the list of companies supporting its initiatives of promoting technological innovation in the healthcare industry. To a great extent, this new partnership will be tied to developments in using mobile devices to support enterprise video operations and other similar processes.

David Brailer, former coordinator for U.S. National Health Information Technology, explained that video, in all of its forms, is emerging as one of the key elements to supporting healthcare IT initiatives. He explained that this innovation is the result of medical professionals increasingly depending on mobile devices instead of traditional computing options.

As more workers become mobile and flexible in their operations, the need for video as a tool for training, information distribution and company tasks often rises.

The partnership with Verizon will help the Health Evolution Partners develop systems to optimize healthcare IT programs for mobile devices.

With a more diverse range of businesses using mobile technologies and video content to streamline operations, upgrading systems that support the network is becoming critical. Deploying an enterprise video portal is one way organizations can optimize their systems for content streaming.