January 15, 2013


Video provides instruction and humor

While many businesses find that enterprise video provides numerous benefits , it can also provide a needed humorous break from more serious workflow. Utilizing video for business communications, meeting replacement and training can provide faster, for profitable results, as the combination of visual and audio instruction can facilitate workflow and improve employee productivity. However, many businesses have found that injecting some humor into their video solutions, especially training videos, can have even more positive effects.

A recent training video released by the Alabama Department of Homeland Security focused on workplace security caused The Daily Beast to highlight some of the more humorous and bizarre training videos that companies have released. The Homeland Security clip features office workers in an action movie-like setting to teach businessmen and women how to handle a shooting in their workplace, and while it highlights important information, it does so in a way that evokes feelings of watching Die Hard or similarly cheesy 1980’s action flicks.

“The video, despite its worthy, timely message, is a jarring mix of the graphic and the corny,” notes the news source regarding the security training video. “As its title suggests, ‘RUN HIDE FIGHT’ simulates various scenarios faced by people encountering a mass shooting, showing petrified individuals hiding in copy rooms, weeping workers scrambling to escape the shooter and a break room full of people wielding chairs and fire extinguishers in an attempt to take the gunman down. Complete with stilted dialog and cringe-worthy background music, the whole thing would be laughable were it not so terrifying.”

The other videos the news source mentions also mix information and amusement or cheesiness in ways that both teach and entertain professionals, but if a business is considering injecting humor into its enterprise video platform, it should ensure that it does so tastefully, and with the right technology in place to support video content delivery. Utilizing video isn’t as easy as filming and distributing to employees, it requires high-quality production and the network infrastructure to ensure that quality isn’t lost in translation, or in this case transmission.

The ability to entertain and deliver high-quality content at the same time can go a long way toward increasing employee engagement and enhancing training for a business. Comedy and action are excellent ways to capture and audiences attention, just make sure the quality of the video is also up to par.