April 11, 2013


Video on the homepage makes websites more popular

Having a compelling corporate message and an interesting product are essential to helping an organization rise above the rest. However, getting the message out about these premium offerings can be difficult without the right tools. Targeted online advertising can offer a bump in the right direction, but it's important to make sure that the best outlets for boosting the signal on a company's presence are explored. One of the easiest and most engaging ways to do this is through enterprise video tools.

Business 2 Community wrote that opening an online experience with a video communication outlet can get consumers interested immediately. These messages can assist corporate clients in better understanding what the organization is all about. They can present information about a new product, show off corporate creativity and make a firm look more appealing than the competition. Basically, as the source pointed out, video tools on the homepage of a business website can add a large amount of appeal to an organization's presence. Executives are far more likely to share information about a firm, product, service or corporate idea if it's put to them in video form, so if a company wants to get word of mouth going right from the main landing page, a recorded message is essential.

Measuring multiple benefits
Not only do these resources keep people on the page longer, Business 2 Community pointed out that simply having enterprise video platforms on a homepage can make that site easier to find. The impact of social media networks and overall sharing options encourages the increased presence of corporate messages as they get shared on different sites. They also allow search engine crawlers to locate and boost the signal on sites with original video content, increasing page traffic for that firm.

This is similar to keyword mining, Search Engine Land stated, but with video instead of written content. The use of keywords is a critical part in making enterprise video and content production profitable for a business, but with so many firms using the same phrases on their sites, getting optimal strategies for web profitability may seem difficult. The addition of videos to these same pages can help make those keywords more effective and encourage higher ranking on major search engine sites.