January 2, 2013


Video on demand improves employee engagement

Video is becoming more important for businesses of all kinds for enhancing operations, improving communications and more. However, the type of video used and the quality of the solution is essential for ensuring employee engagement. One of the best ways to enable high-quality video content delivery is to utilize video on demand solutions.

Video on demand is a versatile tool for implementing accessible enterprise webcasting. An “on demand” solution helps employees view content at anytime, from anywhere, on any device, improving the versatility and usefulness of video systems.

For any business, video is a tool that enables faster and more convenient content delivery. An enterprise video platform with on demand capabilities enhances those benefits further and helps ensure secure and reliable viewing of company videos. The key part of this is cloud and network support.

With the right content delivery network (CDN), a business will be able to integrate video uses with normal operations efficiently, eliminate network traffic spikes and ensure the availability of content to employees. For video to be effective in the workplace, it has to integrate with a variety of systems, from communications to social networking – a dedicated CDN enables this.

Between accessing video from anywhere and having it integrated in a convenient and unobtrusive way, businesses can utilize CDNs to improve the adoption of business video on a wide scale. No longer having to worry about security, and utilizing video on demand to ensure employee engagement, allows businesses to focus on more mission critical tasks, such as actually supplying high-quality content through video and putting that information to good use.