March 22, 2013


Video market taking off in a number of industries

The world is enjoying a technological boon as more affordable and innovative products make their way into consumers’ hands. Businesses of all kinds are constantly finding ways of integrating more of these assets into their daily operations, helping them cut costs and improve collaboration. The benefits of these actions are then shared with their customers, creating an environment where most organizations feel positive about adding on more options like video communication in the coming year.

Making the decision to opt into more connectivity resources can add to the level of savings and safety that organizations and their clientele want to enjoy. By choosing to send information through video channels instead of text, it’s easier for businesses to make the data contained in these messages difficult for hackers to intercept.

Adding encryption to video communication doesn’t even require buying more hardware or software, according to Channel Biz. The source reported that more companies than ever are taking advantage of suites that allow them to make use of their own assets, such as pre-existing security solutions and current recording hardware, in order to take advantage of video for business. The affordability, availability and accessibility of these resources now is well beyond what it was a few years ago, adding to its growing popularity. The proliferation of video tools will also help them gain traction in coming months, the source wrote, citing an Infonetics report that showed the future of video assets is likely to rise as the amount of technology available to organizations continues to increase.

Unique and evolving applications
Some industries that previously weren’t making much use of digital infrastructure are now seeing it becoming more prevalent in their operations. Policing is among these kinds of business, The Topeka Capital Journal reported, stating that correctional facilities in Kansas will soon be benefiting from video communication.

The source wrote that the Shawnee County Commission approved the use of video resources to help record inmate statements and transfer messages to trials and parole hearings. This reduces the amount of time and money that must be devoted to moving potentially dangerous individuals around outside the prison setting. Internal uses will also help corrections officers maintain a safe distance from inmates while still being able to monitor them, guaranteeing personal safety for everyone involved.

The ways in which organizations are making use of video for business continues to expand as the availability of these options grows. Video resources promote better collaboration and security among companies of all kinds.