February 14, 2013


Video killed the document star

Video for business provides clear improvements over paper documents. While many businesses are looking into paperless solutions that replace documents with email and other digital solutions, video can provide a digital format that is far superior to any other.

The main benefit of video for a business is that it combines visual and auditory data. As such, when sharing information on a project or providing training to new employees, interactive webcasting integrates straight data with audio cues, graphics and moving images. This not only helps stimulate employee engagement but also enhances the overall quality of the information contained. For businesses looking to use technology to enhance workflow and productivity, video is a clear winner.

The migration away from paper is meant to improve the environment, increase space in the office and make data more easily organized and searchable. By clearing out filing cabinets and storage areas that were previously dedicated to paper, a business is provided the perfect space for video work. As a medium for both providing information and searching for it later, video can be just as easily cataloged and stored as word documents and other digital data, if not more so.

For businesses looking to integrate video into daily operations, simply invest in the proper technology to ensure high-quality playback and support, and the benefits will quickly become apparent. With a dedicated enterprise content delivery network like Kontiki’s ECDN, a company won’t have to worry about network traffic or interrupted streaming – only the quality of the content it is providing through its video production. Additionally, an ECDN will improve the overall quality of video support, making it that much more effective at its purpose for the business.