January 17, 2013


Video isn’t just for marketing anymore

The enterprise video market is constantly evolving, and while many companies used online video primarily for marketing in the past, today they have many more options. According to Forbes, it isn’t just large companies that can benefit from video- small and medium sized businesses can improve as well. Video isn’t just a fancy tool or gimmick used for decoration anymore,it’s part of the latest wave of business-improving tools that any company can benefit from.

Video provides an essential improvement to businesses in that it helps to facilitate the flow of information. With video webcasting, a business will be able to push content to employees more effectively and in a more engaging manner. Thiswill make the work that these professionals do “richer” while improving workflow overall. However, a company has to invest in the technology to support high-quality video in order to gain these benefits.

Simply filming and distributing video content for the enterprise isn’t enough-a company has to ensure efficient and reliable delivery as well. While video can be used to enhancetraining or workflow, poor delivery will only serve to disrupt rather than improve operations. To address these issues and ensure thatenterprise video platforms are providing the intended benefits, a business needs to implement a content delivery network (CDN).

A CDN will provide the network infrastructure a company needs to streamline delivery of video by eliminating networking issues such as bottlenecking and latency.Ultimately, this will ensure bandwidth needs are adequate enoughto support the adoption of video. Then, all a company needs to worry about is delivering high-quality content to its employees.