December 16, 2014


Video integration blends with employee satisfaction

As the U.S. economy continues to strengthen heading into 2015, healthier businesses will be able to look beyond revenue figures and production rates. This expanded focus could result in further evolution of workplaces, which could allow companies of all sectors to have a greater recognition of the importance of employee satisfaction. The increased awareness and consideration of internal relations may encourage a stronger push for work-friendly tactics that can help defeat the oldfangled perception of the monotonous office.

“When employees feel more appreciated, they are willing to work harder and be more productive,” Scott Dobroski, the community expert of Glassdoor, a California-based career rating website, told The Globe and Mail. “And if people are working harder and being more productive, often times there is higher financial revenue growth, which directly affects stock performance. Employees are the pulse of the company, and when they’re doing good, feeling good, and being more productive, it’s no surprise that their stock and revenue go up.”

Video implementation at the workplace
In-office social networks are gaining popularity across the globe as a way to boost employee interaction and general enjoyment during the work day. Alternative methods for internal communication, information sharing and instructional programming have also proliferated and had similar effects. As a result, regular implementation of video is becoming an increasingly vital aspect of the modern workplace.

Kaltura, a New York-based video platform company, recently conducted a survey on the future of video immersion in the world of business. The survey found that 75 percent of respondents believe that the integration of video will soon play an important role in email, instant messaging and social media, among other corporate tools, according to Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

The publication noted that live video streaming of key events can enhance a company’s culture and help unite teams that work in varying geographies. Rather than tuning in through a conference call or watching a video recording, employees who watch live streams may feel closer to the actual event.

A majority of the survey’s respondents noted that video could have a positive impact on internal dialogue, especially between separate offices under the same company umbrella. The publication reported that this kind of communication can be a useful and effective way to overcome barriers between global colleagues.

The value of employee engagement
After integrating video through several aspects of regular business activity, employees may feel a greater sense of satisfaction. Meanwhile, the ripple effects of this heightened satisfaction can be felt in a number of immeasurable ways. Michelle Gielan, a partner at the positive psychology consulting firm GoodThink in San Antonio, told The Globe and Mail that the prioritization of happiness in the office has led to a variety of other corporate benefits.

A 2013 analysis from Gallup, a leading analytics group, aggregated results from multiple studies and found that businesses with the highest employee engagement ratings nearly doubled the odds of success of companies that had lower ratings, the publication noted.

Dan Pontefract, head of the transformation office for Telus, a Canadian telecommunications company, said that the company’s workplace transition began in 2008 by prioritizing customers.

“All that work we did to build the culture, the people, engagement, all that has helped crystallize that ultimate quest of putting customers first,” Pontefract told the publication. “And organization that isn’t investing in its people is an organization that doesn’t get the equation that employee engagement can equal customer satisfaction.”

The often indirect influences of a more positive corporate environment can be the difference between a mediocre company and a business that tops its competition year after year. And as noted in the survey above, video is becoming a major part of this evolution.