January 21, 2013


Video improves success rates for business initiatives

For modern enterprises trying to keep up with the latest technology, video is the No. 1 solution. Any organization can use enterprise video platforms for a more efficient and productive way to deliver critical content that doesn’t interrupt workflow and helps employees “digest” information more effectively.

While video has become an extremely popular marketing tool, and even consumers are using for communication in their personal lives, it has a variety of uses as an internal content delivery method. From live webcasting meetings to sharing visual information across offices, video allows businesses to accomplish more, faster. Additionally, it gives many companies the ability to collaborate on content more easily and edit or parse out information swiftly.

Video isn’t just a tool for communications, either. As a meeting replacement solution, it helps employees maintain efficient workflow by eliminating scheduling conflicts and other similar issues. It also promotes mobility and BYOD, as employees can view content on their personal smartphones and tablets and take the video on-the-go to view on their commute or to review at home.

Ultimately, as a versatile business tool, video content delivery allows companies to accomplish tasks more quickly and eliminate a significant amount of downtime caused by meetings, training and relevant content packets. The popularity of YouTube, video chatting and social webcasting proves that this is the age of streaming video content, and businesses have to adopt the right platforms to keep up. With a dedicated enterprise content delivery network, companies can reduce their bandwidth issues and provide high-quality, latency-free video to employees in cost-effective and reliable ways.