January 18, 2012


Video impacting how businesses go social

Social media is becoming a normal destination for enterprise collaboration, file sharing and other processes. During 2012, this movement will spread to video, as more businesses use social media tools, both internal and external, to distribute video content to a diverse range of users on a wide array of devices, eConsultancy.com reported.

Citing an Unruly Media study, the news source explained that video use for marketing and communications will rise during the coming year, as content is delivered to various social media destinations where end users can access static content and live media as well.

The shift to social video will be accompanied by a change in how users access video. The report said more business and consumer users will utilize smartphones and tablets and access video content with these devices.

As businesses work to deploy video in innovative ways, content delivery networks are becoming more important. A CDN is key to supporting enterprise video strategies, as it helps manage bandwidth and allows businesses to deal with large quantities of streaming content flowing through the corporate network.