April 1, 2013


Video goes to new recruiting heights

Companies are always looking for the best way to hire, train and maintain personnel for long-term careers. Fostering a long and positive relationship with every employee is a desirable outcome for every business, since creating experienced, expert personnel creates a better face for the company to present to its customers and clientele. In order to improve hiring practices and retention, the integration of enterprise video solutions is becoming increasingly important, and the rise of remote work and globalization has resulted in international hiring drives even for small businesses.

Beaumont Enterprise reported that the use of video communication in employee onboarding and talent management tools has become much more vital to online job posts and searches. Prospective personnel can watch hiring information in video format to decide if the company is a good fit for them. In turn, organizations can request a video interview or personal introduction to get an idea of how a person dresses, speaks and acts before inviting he or she in for an interview. This can help expedite the hiring process. HR personnel will know before the first round of hiring which candidates are most qualified and suitable for the company's needs.

More flexibility in cloud hiring
The cloud is increasing the viability of these options even more than ever, Business Daily reported. New applications allow companies to search for specific moments and images within a video in order to reference specific ideas and comments within a previous recording. They can also integrate these videos, either whole or in select pieces, into new corporate messages, presentations or multi-channel offerings in order to boost their usefulness. Getting a more significant return on investment for these tools makes them even more viable for business use than ever, an option largely available thanks to the cloud.

Such options make enterprise video solutions ideal for hiring and staff retention practices for those reasons, Beaumont Enterprise stated. Integrating video messages into job application information, both in terms of available position postings and candidate responses, creates an HR cache of resumes and video interviews for later consideration. This lets a variety of personnel see a candidate in order to see if any department or leader wants to handle that individual, as well as letting and lets companies keep more accurate hiring information on file for a longer period of time. This serves to boost the quality of hiring initiatives across the board in organizations employing these solutions.