July 10, 2012


Video fuels employee engagement, becoming source for new revenue

By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

It can be tempting to consider an enterprise video program as an unnecessary expense for your business. While the solution can support some critical operations, it is primarily used for secondary functions. However, this approach to video misses the technology’s potential as an employee engagement tool that can actually help create new revenue opportunities by making workers more productive.

When an enterprise video platform is deployed as part of an employee engagement program, the solution is used to help connect individuals to their work. This can be accomplished a few ways. The first is to make town hall meetings and similar events accessible to a variety of workers and more immersive than they would be using teleconferencing tools. The solution can also provide a forum for employee-created content that lets workers express themselves professionally and enrich their peers through meaningful content.

As the video plan impacts more workers, the results begin in intangible ways, but lead to real results. At first, employees who are engaged in the video program may spend more time thinking about the work they do and why they do it. They may consider sharing that with their co-workers and feel happier with the opportunities their jobs offer.

As this information is spread throughout the organizations through employee-generated content, workers not only get a personal sense of worth out of their jobs, they understand how their work can also help others. This draws individuals together behind corporate ideals and helps unite organizations behind common goals.

These intangible gains then lead to workers coming into the office in a better mood, more attached to the work they do, willing to go beyond their inherent duties, interested in getting better and more motivated on a day-to-day basis. These attributes of an engaged employee contribute to more productive workdays and better revenue figures for companies. As a result, video becomes much more than a supplementary technology and actually emerges as part of corporate revenue generation strategies.

To leverage video for employee engagement, it is vital that the solution is deployed in a way that does not disrupt ongoing operations. As a result, it is key that organizations implementing such a strategy support their plan with proper strategic analysis and supporting technologies that enable better content delivery.