April 2, 2013


Video for business takes on more marketing challenges

As companies upgrade their various operations and take on new elements of the technology realm, they're finding they can accomplish more with tools they may have previously taken for granted. The upsurge in video for business has created new market interest in marketing, messaging and spreading corporate culture. By creating a unified presence that corporations can get behind in a short, concise video, businesses of all sizes are able to better represent themselves, their products and services in a single multi-channel deployment.

The use of these kinds of messages has taken off considerably in advertising. Business 2 Community wrote that every variety of organization can better implement their marketing strategies through video communication. Whether showing off exactly how a product works or explaining a new service the business offers, top quality enterprise video solutions can eliminate miscommunication and confusion.

These tools can even make a company easier to find online. The source pointed out that search engine optimization is increased through the addition of video communication tools, which allow for more unique content creation. By generating a high volume of organic content, businesses are better able to boost the signal on their websites through custom video content. Marketing Week added that companies featuring video on their sites appear in 70 percent of the top 100 Google hits.

Finding the existing value
There's no need to make these messages long and complex. The more concise a video is, the more internal personnel and corporate clients will be willing to give their attention to these recordings. Making sure that the information contains in a 3-minute message is just as good as a longer video is critical, since businesses can't afford to sheer out essential data in exchange for shorter run times.

The addition of multi-channel devices to the working world and consumer sphere is making it more economical to share these messages across a broad range of tools and platforms. Integrating enterprise video solutions for marketing will allow companies to reach more clientele than ever before with clear, optimized messages that leave no room for confusion. Since the tools needed to create these productions are already available to many corporations, branching out with current infrastructure will allow them to gain more return on investment for the assets they already have on-site.