April 7, 2014


Video for business makes inroads with education

Teaching people the right way to do things requires ongoing reinforcement of essential points and programs associated with the tasks personnel are meant to perform. The best way to enhance these opportunities is through the presence of enterprise video solutions, but only if organizations understand the best way to implement these resources.

The wide array of infrastructure assets in the business landscape is making it easier for companies to interact with their target audiences. While this may seem like a great opportunity for corporations, there are considerable issues when simply trying to use every available outlet. Honing in on the resources that work best for educational conveyance is the best strategy when integrating video for business with teaching opportunities.

Operational opportunities
The benefit of enterprise video solutions in the learning environment is that it boosts engagement and encourages greater clarity of communication. These qualities create a positive environment that supports in-depth learning opportunities that are more conducive to lending insight to a greater volume of participants in a uniform way.

The Daily Emerald stated that schools and businesses are extending enterprise video solutions to students in a way that generates return on investment while promoting enriched educational options as opposed to traditional teaching functions. The source pointed to the University of Oregon's online teaching systems that now support even higher levels of education than ever before. Thanks to the power of video communication, the school now offers a master's rated series of classes and a certification course that prepares participants to earn advanced degrees.

The aim of the program is to encourage greater completion rate by making applications more accessible to students. In the case of many kinds of advanced learning, not all participants have the luxury of taking time off from work to engage in enhanced educational opportunities. Even if these options may make personnel more valuable to an organization or could help individuals attain better kinds of employment, the need to make money and maintain in-house performances often pushes people away from the idea of enriching themselves through training. By launching these solutions in a video for business format, more people can easily make use of advanced learning environments without having to leave the workplace.

"Even though I haven't seen the people that run this program face-to-face, I feel like I have a great relationship with them," said Thomas Failer, a student at University of Oregon who is earning his master's degree while continuing to work his regular job.

Integrated experiences
T.H.E. Journal reported that even organizations that hold to traditional styles of training and coaching are starting to take more hybridized approaches. The shift toward more integrated classrooms, digital opportunities and business outlets that are inherently linked to HCM solutions is making it easier to create a uniformly educated and valuable workforce. At the same time, the presence of these assets encourages employees to seek out enrichment opportunities on their own. By offering these solutions in a video for business landscape, it's easy for personnel to gain new knowledge and skills without their in-house performances suffering.

The source indicated that the quality of educational video communication is encouraging broader usage than ever before. The fact that these resources present a clear, professional message makes them appropriate for a variety of school and corporate applications. As technology makes it easier to create, host and share video for business, the amount of integrated information is helping get greater value from recorded assets.