February 10, 2014


Video for business helps improve performance and productivity

Creating enterprise video solutions helps organizations empower their workforce by offering them always-on resources that generate superior collaboration and communication. What’s more, video for business facilitates ongoing interaction among remote workforce and heightened awareness of corporate culture, generating stronger bonds despite time and distance involved in modern interactions. The presence of video communication in the enterprise landscape is therefore growing all the time to facilitate greater amounts of productivity and enhanced performance capabilities across all operations.

Boosting the signal
As CIO Online’s Jennifer Lonoff Schiff wrote, boosting output and producing greater amounts of engagement requires that companies have assets in place that facilitate seamless and fluid interaction across all corporate lines. Enterprise video communication creates just this kind of experience, allowing people to generate recordings, view older recordings and enhance their understanding and insight regarding a variety of business processes.

“Having technology resources that allow communication across branch offices/locations when working on a cross-office project is a must,” Aaron Weiss of HP told the source. “IT managers and CIOs [should be able to easily] share project status reports or information updates … via cloud document management systems that allow teams to easily provide updates to the status document.”

Video for business provides all of these opportunities and capabilities, as enterprise video portals can be deployed in a variety of cloud and mobile settings that allow for greater usability and cross-talk. By generating recordings that address essential parts of corporate operations and providing a reliable means of engagement, streaming media can revolutionize the way businesses work.

According to Sharon Florentine of CIO Online, the presence of video communication is also making remote connectivity a more tenable reality for workers and employers alike. Where once having a home office meant not having to spend money on commuting or maintaining physical corporate office space, it also entailed a lack of interaction that could be alienating for some employees and detrimental to business vitality in the long run. Now there are superior video for business outlets that support ongoing face-to-face engagement no matter where or when staff members tune in.

The source indicated that video for business is making it easier for offices to function no matter where employees are located. These tools provide a means of checking on important updates, reviewing internal instructions and familiarizing personnel with essential updates to operations and guidelines. All of these tools also provide a heightened level of security and compliance, as it’s more difficult for hackers to intercept and unencode video communication as opposed to written interactions.

Generating superiority
The total overview of video for business provides companies with an outlet that generates a seamless employee experience no matter where they are or when they need these tools. The totality of enterprise video portals and coverage allows businesses to provide their staff members with remote work opportunities, cutting costs in a variety of sectors like infrastructure maintenance and commuting charges. What’s more, the presence of video for business helps even traditional organization keep their employees happy and in the loop, thereby generating superior productivity and personal relationships.

The end result is that corporations can vastly improve their output, retention and engagement by adding video communication resources to their enterprise operations. The presence and performance of recordings makes it possible for businesses to experience vastly superior interactive options while saving money and increasing revenue, thereby making enterprise video solutions a winning addition to any business outfit.