March 29, 2013


Video for business becomes critical part of online advertising

When presented with large amounts of written material, people may lose interest or miss the overall message. Not so with video communication. These recordings engage and entertain while informing viewers of important events, new policies and changes to products or services. Such deployments make it easier to ensure that all personnel are getting the right knowledge every time they watch a video. It’s these qualities that have also made video for business a crucial part of modern marketing campaigns.

Shifting online advertising environment
Online Video wrote that the amount of recorded information versus written advertising messages is beginning to sway in favor of the former. Keeping consumers keyed in to what a business is saying is critical to making sales, attracting new clients and spreading the word about a certain offering a company is pushing. Rather than a passive picture embedded on a website, these multimedia experiences speak directly to the target audience. By working in calls to action and motivational messages, companies can create more immediate responses in consumers than with other types of online advertising, according to the source.

“People are busy,” Andrew Ritschel of Electronic Office Systems told Online Video. “They don’t want people coming into their office. By using video…we are able to show, using pictures, why we are offering the value that competitors might not have.”

An ubiquitous message
Catering to corporate clients with video offerings is easier than sending them informational pamphlets, printed materials or even emailed product specs. As Online Video pointed out, a video message can provide all the necessary information in a concise manner without making executives dig through pages of background data to get to the meat of the marketing pitch. When organizations make it easier for buyers to form decisions, they can expedite sales on a one-to-one and industry-wide basis with a single recording.

Whether for a small business or a major corporation, the impact of video for business is turning it into a popular technology for advertising and marketing purposes. In highly competitive markets, it’s the better marketing campaign that wins over the most customers. Therefore, when put to work properly, video communication can significantly boost revenue and serve as a substantial return on investment. Driving sales and spreading corporate messages has never been easier than it is with video for business.