March 28, 2016


Video expands the scope of executive communications

There is no more powerful medium for human connection than video. The bond established between an effective video and its audience is unlike any formed in an email exchange or even one built during a phone call. Seeing someone talk – observing their emotion, their earnestness and honesty – has a profound impact on the way human beings give priority to new material and retain information over time. A heartfelt message from a CEO or similarly positioned executive delivered through video has the potential to leave a lasting impression with their employees, one that goes beyond technical briefings or increasing sales. Video engages staff members. It gives them direction, motivation to improve – if it’s handled properly, that is.

While the cultural embrace of video for everything from so-called “vlogging” through YouTube and Vine to social outreach campaigns is well known, some executives still don’t appreciate the vast utility video offers them as a communicative method for improving sales, gaining long-term clients and engaging employees, among a number of other professional uses. By upgrading an old legacy network with an enterprise content delivery network, companies can employ video and its diverse talents without worrying about increased traffic weighing down the data center. And internal traffic will increase, no doubt about it. Employees expect to see video in the workplace, and when you give it to them, they’ll show their appreciation with improved comprehension and productivity.

You might be thinking to yourself, OK, all this sounds great, but how is video best put to use to get these results? There are a many different directions you can take. Here are a few of the creative ways in which videos hosted by an ECDN can expand the scope of an executive’s communications:

Personalized CEO messages
In order for executives to take full advantage of video, they need to understand that video differs from posters, emails, pamphlets and other traditional internal communications in one major way – personality is a hallmark of the medium. A CEO who can play up their individual personality is one who will be a video champion. Honesty, humor, friendliness, intellect – whatever qualities you best exhibit, shape videos to highlight them. Short videos that create a connection between employees and upper management thrive when the executive shows their human side. Interviews are a great way to do this, as the questions allow employers to reveal their personality and leadership abilities in an inclusive setting.

Engaged executives, engaged employees 
Companies, particularly larger ones with offices in multiple countries, have long struggled to find an answer to unified communication. Video gave them the solution. Meetings webcast live on ECDNs make it incredibly easy for managers and communications teams to engage employees – even those spread out over several continents – and deliver company-wide announcements. It doesn’t matter if the video is pre-arranged HD broadcast of the quarterly earnings report or an off-the-cuff webcast from a senior executive issuing an update.

Employees appreciate when upper management puts themselves out there through a personalized format like video. There is an immediacy and much-desired transparency to these kinds of corporate communications, making them a significant boon to employee engagement with corporate values and directives. The cost-effectiveness and ease of video only make it more appealing to companies desiring improved connections without breaking the bank to achieve them.

Highlighting employees
Great executives know that to really engage employees in the company’s mission, it’s necessary to ensure they are up-to-date on all relevant leadership changes. Using video to cast a spotlight on new executives, or even high-performing professionals who have been with the business for years, is an invaluable method for involving everyone in your company’s growth. Outstanding employees should be celebrated in the most visible way possible, and it doesn’t get any more visible than video.

Build up the reputations and achievements of great workers in a way that encourages others to follow their example. The appeal of “starring” in a video broadcast to the entire company, of having your accomplishments celebrated by senior leadership, shouldn’t be underestimated by internal communications teams as they design video projects. Giving employees some well-deserved appreciation will only make your business stronger.

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