December 17, 2014


Video could help employers improve workplace engagement

Business leaders regularly talk about their desire to boost employee engagement, but only so many know how to get the job done. While there are variety of ways to bring a certain level of excitement and activity to the workplace, most companies are only now beginning to implement these methods. Internal social networks have become a popular way to further encourage interaction among workers and their clients. But research shows that a number of employers are still struggling to properly engage their employees. Through greater use of video tactics in messaging, instruction and events, this common drawback could become a true advantage for companies worldwide.

Research finds shortage of engagement blueprints
A study conducted by Altimeter Group, a research and consulting firm on technology trends, found that 41 percent of respondents have a clear strategy for employee advocacy and engagement, according to Advertising Age.

“Marketing is very interested in taking employees who are very engaged with the company and brand and empowering them to advocate on the part of company, especially through the use of social tools,” Charlene Li, a founder and principal analyst at Altimeter, told Advertising Age. “But the vast majority of companies do not have a coherent, strategic approach to supporting employee engagement.”

While marketing departments tend to be more involved with this kind of initiative through the implementation of social networks and video communication, human resources departments are usually tasked with the job. The publication noted that these two departments could benefit from a stronger connection.

The study also found that the mind state of offices often influences the level of engagement. Only 51 percent of respondents said employees understand and support the mission of a company.

U.K. business leaders have room for improvement
Research from Towers Watson, a human resource consulting and risk management firm, found that employers in the U.K. could do a much better job of driving optimal performance in the workplace, according to Forbes. The publication noted that the most effective employers find ways to defeat obstacles and create tactics for inspiration.

“The best leaders understand the importance of engaging employees at an emotional level,” said Richard Veal, Towers Watson’s UK leader for reward, talent and communication, according to the publication. “They address difficult issues head-on in their communications to staff, but at the same time creative excitement around what it is to come.”

Employee engagement has just recently become a key talking point for business leaders throughout the world. However, further implementation of video could serve as a key step toward progress.