June 26, 2013


Video communication tools see major educational applications

Sharing the right ideas about a certain subject is one of the best benefits of deploying video communication tools.Recordings help teachers in a school setting or a professional in a major company, to administer the correct message about individual topics. Providing instruction on how to use software or comply with dress code restrictions are consistent messages that are easy to record and consistently deliver using enterprise video tools, and ones that helps save establishments a substantial amount of time and money. By putting these concepts into a video instead of having a person refer to them face-to-face for every employee, everyone in the audience is more likely to get more work done and more accurately, as well.

Furthering the course of learning
Deploying a video solution means taking all the pertinent thoughts and concepts surrounding a specific idea and putting them into a succinct video tool. This allows current students or employees to watch these recordings and learn everything there is to know about HR practices, mobile device usage and general conduct at their leisure, as well as assisting them with reviewing these messages whenever they feel they need to. The people responsible for delivering the content of these recordings never have to be pulled away from their desks in order to impart this knowledge, either, so these experts and professionals can focus on whatever work they need to get done.

In school settings, this can allow for an entirely online learning environment that still facilitates face-to-face teaching. Social message boards are already frequently used by teachers and students to create collaborative discussions and work on projects. By assisting professors with delivering academic information, they can provide a better quality of education to students and raise general understanding of the subjects being taught. Best of all, by creating these recordings in an enterprise video platform, schools can reuse the same course material every year and enroll far more students both online and in-class because these resources can be distributed to a larger audience of participants.

Boosting the signal on education
That was the idea behind adding video communication tools at Texas Tech University. The college announced it would be creating an online inventory of video tools that provide in-depth educational experiences to students and those in the community. This also helps the school increase its collaborative and networking capabilities significantly, facilitating distance learners from around the globe to sign up for courses. Adding a worldview to certain subjects can help further broaden every student’s mind, making this a valuable asset for the university.

These resources provide a valuable tool to all students, both those in the traditional classroom and online students. One professor using the video tools deployed them in a way that he could teach his conventional class and record sessions, then put the videos online for all of his students to review. The Texas Tech teacher found that over 80 percent of all his students in both settings used these recordings regularly to help them review certain subjects throughout the course. Best of all, he was able to keep teaching these courses in the same way at Texas Tech even when he moved to Oregon to take up another position, making it possible to get both schools working together.

As Cloud Tweaks wrote, bridging long distances with video communication tools is becoming easier thanks to the cloud. These recordings allow for the full transmission of important ideas and concepts, but the cloud has had a significant impact on making these messages move more quickly. While video may have been a part of online interactions for over a decade, the integration of cloud assets has made them far more accessible and easier to stream.

The source stated that this has also opened up new possibilities for how people interact. Whether in a classroom or corporate setting, being able to interact with a video version of a person at any time and from anyplace makes students and employees feel far more connected to the material, so it’s easy to improve relationships without even meeting with a live person. Best of all, these messages can be shared with other people, be they fellow coworkers or students, or even with people outside the context of the organization. This helps companies and colleges gain more visibility.

Cloud Tweaks added that the integration of cloud resources into enterprise video portals has changed the way people think about office hours. Instead of waiting to speak with a professor about a particularly difficult topic over the course of a long weekend, students can immediately access the recordings of these teaching sessions and get one-on-one tutoring as they go over the course material.