October 22, 2013


Video communication tools help transparency but need management

Companies want access to the tools that best support their ongoing management and support of current endeavors. It makes sense that firms want to expand their operations and grow flexibility, making them more dynamic and increasing the opportunities they currently have in the business realm. However, there are some steps that can harm and help corporations at the same time. It’s important to corporate function that entities keep in mind there is more to enterprise video portals than simply putting them into play within the corporate sphere. It’s best for organizations to ensure that they have knowledge of the repercussions of making their video tools more accessible and functional, as there can be significant issues associated with increasing reliance on recorded messages and network video portals.

Knowing what to expect with enterprise video solutions is the best way for entities to prepare themselves and ensure that they have the right tools to best serve their operations. The draw of recordings is that, on the surface, corporations can easily create and distribute these tools. The focus of ongoing management of these options should be on curating and controlling how business videos are best stored and maintained.

Boosting business connections
As Defense Systems stated, corporations can make great use of their video communication resources but firms need to take the right steps to make their business options produce better outcomes. This requires creating the proper tools for housing and sharing video messages, as the amount of data contained in a single deployment of corporate video can be a difficult thing to manage. The weight of every individual recording can be a single-digit or hundreds of megabytes, even ranging into the gigabyte range in cases where corporations have a lot of information to get across in a message deployment.

Big data is having a significant impact on every aspect of corporate operations, be it from everyday email and file processing to video communication and distribution. While the presence of cloud networks and enterprise video portals helps reduce latency and increase throughput, firms must be certain that they have the proper assets and software in place to keep their operations flowing smoothly. Gaining access to a dedicated portal and managing their solutions in a way that keep their operations sorted will help ensure business opportunities for years to come.

More interactive options
This has had a major impact on how video communication has been evolving in the business sphere. As Defense Systems wrote, a study by IHS showed that HD video tools are now creating more than 400 petabytes of data every day. By 2017, the source indicated that this total would likely more than double. The total issue here is that not all businesses making use of enterprise video solutions have the right assets available to ensure that their storage and network capabilities are adequate enough to handle the major throughput these tools require. The source stated that hard disk storage has to expand in order to take these new demands into account, as well as creating better transparency and control for the organization.

Infobright added that big data management has become the biggest staple of video communication, as these messages require that firms create huge file sizes that must be accommodated by networks and handled by in-house storage. The video communication market is growing not just in terms of how far these recordings can go but also in terms of what these assets need in order to be maintained successfully.

Making money off enterprise video solutions requires that organizations take the growing demands of recorded messages into account. Between housing and transferring these assets, as well as accommodating the throughput of these devices, it’s becoming increasingly important that firms enhance their functionality while promoting the presence of video tools.