August 9, 2013


Video communication offers better insight into employee processes

Effective communication requires that organizations have the systems in place to facilitate these connections. They must also ensure that personnel are able to understand and utilize these networks, or else firms may find that they are putting out updates, information and other assets that people aren’t making use of. Avoiding these issues requires that organizations improve their social channels, build better relationships and run regular employee coaching sessions. Combining one-on-one interactions with general training tools ensures that all staff members are on the right page.

Enterprise video solutions are the ideal method for covering all of these bases. Such deployments provide clear and concise messages to staff members regarding the devices, protocols and events they are meant to work with. In cases where a staffer forgets a critical element or wants to refresh his or her¬†memory, it’s easy for personnel to go back and review all or part of a recording. This increases productivity by making all information available to personnel whenever and wherever they feel they need it.

Continuous coverage options
Businesses streaming video content also allows firms to share important data with staff when the company senses the need for such interactions, grating a fluid management option for spreading uniform ideas about corporate culture and other matters that a written communication could not handle in so effective a manner. This format is particularly useful in onboarding, training and regular corporate updates, as it grants more of a personal touch to announcements at times when the greatest amount of staff are paying attention to business messages.

Creating video options for training helps firms ensure that all of their employees are on the right page from the start of a project or their time at the company. Even complex matters can easily be described and exhibited on-screen in a way that gives personnel more insight into the matter being discussed. When offering new software resources, staff management directives and new-product release announcements, being able to show everyone in the company exactly what the organization wants is critical for maximizing success.

Best of all, these recordings make corporate issues and insights easy for all members of workforce to understand. A release from marketing firm Redpoint Consultants discussed the firm’s recent addition of video communication tools for getting its newest initiative, Duct Tape, across to its employees.

“I really focus on the basics in this course,” said Duct Tape Marketing representative Kevin Jordan. He oversaw the video planning and implementation phases, even starring in the final product himself. “It’s designed for people with little or no experience.”

The importance of partitions
The material in the Duct Tape Marketing module is split into four separate parts, allowing employees to follow along at their own pace or pick up all the insights at once. What’s more, by dividing information into unique sections like with this deployment, workers can access the data they need more quickly when they go back to review file footage. Cutting the lesson into pieces also helps support better throughput and reduces latency by putting less strain on business streaming portals. Because employees only need a portion of the total program, individual users only pull part of the full document at a time instead of creating a burden by constantly refreshing a file four times the size.

Other videos can be split in the same way, granting greater insight into how each facet of an operation is to be handled or offering more oversight regarding how a particular job should be carried out. When new personnel and veteran workers alike can quickly and easily get their minds around required tasks, they can get down to business more rapidly and ensure quality results every time.

Driving heightened communication
Consumer Electronics Network wrote that such video communication was recently launched by Entrepreneurial Operating System Worldwide, offers professionals in that sector visual assistance in understanding how to coach, train and lead groups in a variety of different environments. The source stated the EOS deployment focuses on important HR management elements like work-life balance, career tracking and workforce governance. When people set out to start and run their own corporations, they need all the help they can get, and being shown exactly how to maintain operations without over-taxing personnel or themselves are just the kinds of innovative insights that can best be delivered through enterprise video portals.

Deploying recorded messages in the business environment allows companies to ensure that everyone is on the same page, no matter what kind of activities viewers need to carry out. Whether companies are offering streaming business video or similar enterprise-level assets, providing clear and concise training, guidance and other messages makes a significant impact on the effectiveness of educational opportunities.