August 26, 2013


Video communication market set for dramatic rise

Companies are making more use of video solutions and dynamic recordings all the time. These assets make it easy for firms to connect with one another, bridging regional gaps and solving interaction issues with ease. Such flexibility and customization makes it easy for businesses to keep up with their employees and share essential data with ease. The viability of these options has helped make them increasingly more popular among a wide variety of businesses, and as more organizations become aware of the benefits of these tools, it’s easy to see why such video tools are growing in popularity.

Future of video
According to a recent report from Research and Markets, there is a mounting volume of companies interested in making their way into the video communication industry. This is highlighted by the bright outlook being afforded to future recording markets. The Enterprise Video Market Analysis 2013-2018 report showed that the compound annual growth rate for these services is likely to grow almost 26 percent year-over-year. This will put the total industry at over $35 billion in total value by 2018, a rise of more than $20 billion over the next five years. Spending more on this technology will help companies make certain that their operations remain on-track and stay in tune with how the rest of their competitors are conducting themselves online and in mobile spheres.

The report showed that globalization has become a mounting draw for more businesses. Connecting with personnel all over the world is an ideal option for companies trying to improve networking and management capabilities. By providing access to corporate insights through an easily used and access system, organizations can better engage their workforce by increasing transparency and providing personalized messages to every member of staff. This trend will likely touch corporations in every corner of the planet, as leading technology firms in every country continue to roll out new developments in the video industry. Such changes ensure the entire global workforce is connected.

Seeing video value
At the same time, BroadwayWorld added, enterprise video platforms have continued to evolve and connect with a growing interface of different business options. Advancements in recording technology have put this asset into the hands of more people than ever before, making the utilities accessible and affordable to a growing number of firms. Even small businesses are able to take advantage of these assets, and as the proliferation of such tools continue to grow, it’s easy for more entities to see the value in such deployments.

The source stated that the industry itself is still fragmented into a variety of different sectors, making it hard for some companies to see the big picture regarding the value and total usefulness of video deployments. Considering the intricacy of video systems and the ways in which various recording tools work together, some firms may feel that their investments in this technology may not be going in the right direction. Overcoming these issues requires seeing what messages can offer corporate flexibility and other insights.

As the variety of video communication tools continues to grow, the future of the industry looks bright. Forecasts put the market for recorded messages and the hardware, software and other assets needed to create them at increasingly profitable margins. Businesses are cashing in on enterprise streaming and recording resources that help make their operations more competitive. The demand for these tools will help them expand to new levels of corporate visibility over time.