January 25, 2012


Video communication key for online marketing

The importance of online video to marketing efforts in the B2B market cannot be overemphasized, according to a recent report from Business 2 Community.

Some of the reasons for this, including YouTube’s ever-expanding viewership, are fairly self-evident. However, others are less obvious. The news source said that the technology’s importance in marketing to C-level executives is greater than many might guess, citing a Forbes Insight study as saying that seeing a video promotion made decision-makers much more likely to visit a vendor’s website.

Video is also a powerful shot in the arm for search engine optimization, according to Business 2 Community. The publication said that having video on a company’s website increases its chances of getting into the top Google results for relevant search terms by a factor of up to 53 – a massive advantage over the competition.

Video for business, in general, is a critically important technology going forward. Companies can improve their operations in a wide array of areas, ranging from marketing to employee training to internal communications, through the use of the medium.