May 31, 2013


Video communication has strong influence on decisions

Determining the things that people want can be difficult, especially when it comes to employee engagement. Using custom video content can help organizations connect in more meaningful ways with their personnel and their clients, even in the same message. The flexibility and customization qualities that are unique to enterprise video deployments makes them an ideal addition to any company’s repertoire, whether it be for advertising, cultural or training messages. What’s more, there are unique opportunities available to organizations that make optimal use of video communication resources for business, since these assets allow for continued dissemination of these messages, either through corporate means or simply through sharing channels.

As these deployments gain acceptance with core target audiences, businesses can also expect to see these messages spread even further than the original recipients. That’s because people have a tendency to share the videos they like the most, putting them on social networks and building buzz surrounding the recordings that entertain or educate them. This serves as a means for companies to get their messages out without ever having to put out more than the initial recording. According to a Consumer Choice survey, this is also the most popular method of sharing corporate messages across the internet.

Enhanced social outlets
DCD Agency wrote that people tend to share corporate messages more across social networks than anywhere else, meaning that businesses need to ensure they make their deployments accessible and compatible with these resources. Businesses that want to make the most of their email, platform and other methods of video sharing should be sure that they have video tools associated with these resources, since a Forrester study showed that more than one-fifth of male users were more likely to click through these messages if they include a video resource.

This is an essential statistic for organizations looking for custom ways of sharing their video communication tools. Companies must be certain that the tools and resources they’re using are the ones that personnel most prefer for watching, sharing and reviewing. If they employ the most popular and user-friendly resources, it’s likely that firms will be able to experience better acceptance and adoption of video messages. These business video deployments are ideal for ensuring that employees and clients alike are getting the most comprehensive and accurate input regarding business endeavors, making them a vital asset to entities looking to increase their visibility while improving corporate relations.

According to DCD Agency, these video communication resources are a preferred outlet of disseminating information by almost 60 percent of personnel. The click-through rates on these video email deployments is similarly increased, with more than three times as many responses on video-enabled messages than on standard email messages sent out by corporate entities. The source stated that a Forbes Insight study showed 80 percent of executives are also differing to video resources more often than they did last year, indicating that this method of collaboration and sharing is growing at all levels of the organization. Businesses looking to make better use of their email correspondences will want to think about adding enterprise video tools to their solutions as the popularity of these tools continues to expand at all levels of the corporate ladder, be it among administrators and CEOs or consumer-facing personnel on the lowest rungs of the organization.

Rising email sharing outlets
The impact of all this sharing can be significant for organizations that properly build on the potential. There are a growing number of people sharing and looking at information specifically recommended by their social circles, so creating content that’s likely to be passed along by personnel and consumers alike is ideal for entities looking for free advertising and heightened visibility. Streaming Media Online wrote that a Telly survey found more than two-thirds of people in the United States are primarily motivated to watch videos based on the recommendations of their friends. In a corporate setting, this equates to enhanced adoption of business messages through internal social circles and similar sharing networks, with people paying more attention to the business videos that their closest coworkers recommend. The source stated that social and email outlets are equally popular for sharing and disseminating video recordings, so combining these two assets allows entities to make even better headway with their corporate messages.

As the proliferation of video tools continues to increase, the ability to share, enjoy and learn from enterprise video solutions will likely see equal ubiquity. In order to increase the chances that these corporate recordings gain the most audience, companies need to attune themselves to the kinds of ways people find videos and what outlets they most prefer for sharing recordings. With the popularity of email and social media showing strong positive indications for video resources, the future of video resources should focus on these sharing trends in order to gain the best audiences.