August 14, 2013


Video communication expands to Europe with Kontiki

The range of video communication tools available to businesses continues to expand thanks to innovative organizations seeking to push the limits of what is currently accepted as the standard of collaborative digital interaction. With more resources and faster connections constantly coming online, businesses have a bevy of assets at their disposal that they may not have had years, months or even weeks ago. The emerging presence of advanced tools should indicate to organizations that it’s time for them to upgrade to the next level of operating excellence and ensure their ongoing success through enterprise video streaming and other new products.

Increased international attention
Kontiki is leading the way in assisting European organizations in meeting these ambitions. The company recently announced it had expanded its partnership with global data corporation Equinix, offering greater flexibility and larger amounts of computing power for organizational endeavors to focus on video communication and streaming throughput.

The partnership offers Kontiki a chance to reach more European clients, an enhancement that will benefit American corporations with the technology already. Greater accessibility to Kontiki enterprise video platforms in Europe allows businesses to partner up and interact with one another more fluidly, as both sides of the conversation already have the same tools and software for networking. Without the latency of trying to sync up a number of applications or ensure that video is streaming properly, companies can rest assured that their messages are being received properly and in a timely fashion.

On top of that, Kontiki’s new deal provides more than 4,000 customer, client and partner resources to current users. This means good things for Kontiki’s current users, as well as for the video software corporation itself. With even more chances to connect with consumers and improve brand recognition, Kontiki could soon become an even stronger leader in the enterprise video industry. As every organization knows, working with the best ensures that current and future clients will see these partnerships as signs of excellence, encouraging better revenues and relationships.

“Kontiki is a global company with ambitions to significantly expand its presence in Europe,” said Kontiki vice president Craig Gordon. “Setting up in a UK data center was vital to the commitment to supporting our growing European customer base with a data management system located in the EU. Expanding our use of Platform Equinix will significantly reduce latency and enhance performance for these customers.”

Blooming prospects
Financial reports from Kontiki and Equinix show that the move has already succeeded in bringing in more clientele to the European branches of both firms’ operations. What’s more, bridging the oceanic gap between the United Kingdom and the United States has allowed the two firms to further solidify their connection. IT Pro Portal wrote that Kontiki has been operating out of Equinix’s Silicon Valley data centers for some time now. This latest move finally put Kontiki in Europe itself by adding the video communication organization’s assets directly to Equinix’s London data centers. This comes at the same time that Kontiki is moving up to new point of presence LD5 International Business Exchange capabilities, making the software compatible with Equinix’s server arrays and formatting requirements for European clients.

Equinix has long collaborated with Kontiki on a number of projects and other endeavors, increasing the organization’s overall connectivity options and providing better interaction capabilities among video-enabled firms. Creating a stronger platform for enterprise video options across Europe will further substantiate the role of both entities in promoting better corporate interactions and sharing essential messages around the world.