June 11, 2014


Video communication creates new options for interplanetary interactions

Companies are always on the lookout for ways to create dynamic, engaging content. These initiatives are aimed toward pulling in more target audiences, whether these groups are in the corporate enterprise, consumer audience or other mixed business landscapes. Such assets make it easy for organizations to enhance the connection they share with their partners and investors, as well as promoting a more positive overall environment with their biggest investor segments. When firms in possession of video communication learn how to make best use of their enterprise options and engage in positive interactions, it’s easy for these companies to create positive interactions and superior interactive options that increase the potential for overall success.

Experiencing new technical opportunities
The expanding network and enterprise throughput environment makes for new and dynamic opportunities to engage with client audiences. Targeting the best outcomes requires that corporations are in tune with what their financial situations are, where their clients lie and what makes their employees work at optimal levels. As it stands, taking advantage of unique and interesting marketing aspects is showing to be an emerging trend with strong viability, so corporations should make use of these kinds of tactics in ways that promote superior video communication across these enterprise channels.

One of the leading opportunities to which companies are increasingly privy is the presence of interplanetary assets. While Mars is still far on the horizon in terms of colonization and the moon remains a frequent satellite ping location, there are still installations in space that create better video communication and consumer engagement thanks to their unique and compelling nature. Though many companies may feel that their operations already make use of extraterrestrial opportunities, such as satellite interaction, there are other emerging outlets for corporations to take advantage of outer space in ways that benefit video for business.

Video in space
The presence of video communication in the intergalactic landscape shows that there’s a growing market for these assets, as well as more interest in dynamic content so that more audiences feel engaged by these opportunities. Whether it’s the novelty of a situation, the message the content delivers or the overall presence a recording provides, the total experience provided by companies that choose to interact with interplanetary options can enhance the presence and perception of a corporations.

As RT Online reported, the International Space Station recently became the newest home of enterprise video communication creation. The source indicated that astronauts on the extraterrestrial platform created short video using the Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science, a device intended to help increase communication speed and clarity between the facility and Earth, used the solution instead to produce a streaming media solution that provided viewers with 10 minutes of intensive interstellar engagement.

The biggest breakthrough here, the source highlighted, is the fact that it took only 3.5 seconds to send the entire file, despite its 175-megabit size. This shows that there’s a growing possibility for rapid, reliable and high-density video communication for enterprise use, so long as companies continue to move forward and seek dynamic solutions for traditional telecommuting problems.

Short and shining
It’s not just the longest video for business options that can provide the best assistance and usability in enterprise situations. As The Weather Network recently showed, there’s interplanetary video communication taking place as well that targets consumers of the shortest media snippets available. Tapping into such an audience means that businesses must be careful to pack a lot of content and meaning into each recording, but the power, diversity and savings attached to these opportunities can be significant.

The Weather Network showed that the first ever Vine from space was recently issued on the public site. A Vine is a short video, often 10 seconds or less, that is usually a funny or meaningful message condensed into the shortest period possible. Creating such easily consumable content allows corporations to generate concise messages that make for optimized impacts on all viewers.

The recording shows the International Space Station’s endless day, or the fact that from its position in space, the sun is always visible. Though this cycle takes a full 24 hours to pass, the Vine also shows the other power of condensed video communication – enhanced meaning and comprehension through content manipulation and editing.

As new network opportunities and content creation ideas become prevalent in the enterprise landscape, there could be a considerable change in how businesses conduct themselves in terms of video communication for the workplace. Shorter recordings, faster transmission and a mixed approach to employee interaction means corporations could see drastic changes in how they engage with and attract client, consumer and in-house attention.