June 13, 2013


Video communication and cloud saves money, boosts comprehension

Tapping into the benefits of new business tools can help turn these assets into significant returns on initial investment. Enterprise video resources fall into this category, wherein companies can stand to see dramatic improvements in communication, collaboration and overall employee engagement by putting these utilities to their best use. There are a variety of ways that firms can enjoy these video elements, saving money and increasing positive workplace factors by creating better recordings.

By boosting the signal on important corporate messages and enhancing the way people share information at work, companies can see much better overall comprehension of important business ideas and protocols. Integrating video platforms into everyday usage practices lets businesses see the benefits of these options more quickly, so long as they’re properly deployed. Here are some of the things companies should look for as benchmarks of video communication success.

Better attention to messages
Employees may struggle to understand what’s being said in a meeting. Whether they’re too tired, tuned out or thinking about other problems and tasks they need to be working on, the likelihood that everyone in the room will walk away from a meeting with the same level of comprehension is dubious. With an enterprise video portal, companies can make recordings of essential insight and upload these messages for later viewing. Even if a live event is still held in association with the recorded material, personnel can go back and review information at their leisure. This lets employees connect better with the organization and lets them research important details they may have missed during the first listening.

Increased connections
Hosting videos on a digital infrastructure is a great way of reaching people who may not work in the same office, Forbes stated. Adding more avenues of communication and helping to spread collaboration through all levels of the business are standard benefits of video products. Placing tools online allows people to connect with these resources from anywhere and whenever they get the chance. This means everyone on a team can stay on the same page even if they’re checking in on collaborative progress at different hours of the day. These video communication assets also make it possible for people at various levels of the organization to connect with one another in a seamless, meaningful fashion, the source stated. Such powerful interactive options make for more engaged and informed personnel.

Lower operational costs
By putting video tools online in a recorded capacity, companies can increase the visibility and usefulness of these messages. CIO Update wrote that video resources allow companies to connect with clients and remote employees over long distances, reducing the amount of money spent on travel. These recordings can also eliminate training costs, since a single coaching or onboarding video can be reused time and again no matter how many people need to view it or how often their memories of these teachings require refreshing. Simply record the message one time and host it on an enterprise video platform to gain thousands of views without the expense of taking people away from their desks.

What’s more, businesses have the freedom of using their own personnel and internal planning techniques to create these messages. Instead of spending a lot of money contracting an outside coach or teacher to come in and lead classes or pulling employees off other tasks to mentor a new employee, firms can reuse older messages in order to ensure clarity of corporate culture and instill the necessary insight for personnel to do their jobs thoroughly and correctly.

More green efficiency
Adding digital infrastructure in the form of video communication helps companies decrease their carbon footprint. Less travel, more online interaction and reduction in data center size allows businesses to spend more money on cloud options and less on man hours maintaining physical hardware, but it also encourages more remote connectivity and greener offices. GigaOM wrote that a study by Northwestern University and Berkeley Lab showed that putting video tools in the cloud helps the organization and its partners increase their environmentally responsible actions, since lower carbon emissions are created through recycling of video communication than constantly traveling for meetings, hosting expansive data centers or adding more office space.

The variety of benefits that organizations can garner through the deployment and ongoing use of video communication resources makes them an ideal option for firms of all kinds. Whether it’s boosting collaboration, reducing costs or saving the environment, recording important business insights has a variety of benefits that companies should be watchful for when determining their return on investment. Once these results become apparent, companies can enhance the output and future potential of these video assets by pushing for even more usage throughout their operations and amongst their partners.